This code provides a basic understanding of UNet architecture and its application in Self Driving cars, Cinematography and Medical Imaging along with complete code in Pytorch.

We give a brief introduction to GANs and code up a simple GAN as described in the original paper by Ian Good.

Describes how to implement custom token model and authentication backend in Django Rest Framework

This post gives a brief understanding of how an ISP can detect and block a VPN from its network.

Third part of the series covering how to get your django project into production

What is Deep Learning? What are the Limitation to AI? How an AI model learns. Learn all about these in this post.

In this post, you'll see 5 ways you can make your python loops more idiomatic, run faster and more memory efficient.

Describes a trick to perform zero downtime deployments using supervisor

In this blog, we will discuss in depth about the concept of Perceptrons, The atom of Neural Networks.

Machine learning is the way that makes your smartphones “smart”

Find out how I fixed my permissions after I imported my data

In this post, I go through the process of building a Trivia chatbot on Telegram.

Fetching TV shows and movies metadata from Netflix

Find out about outdated python packages on your system.

This post outlines a brief history of Git, why it is used, its features and How to install Git in Mac, Windows and Linux.

In this blog, I will show you how to convert B64 encoded image to Django ImageField object.

In this post, I'll be showing how you can add custom header to response in Django.

Second part of the series covering how to get your django project into production

Array, one of the fundamental Data Structure.

In this blog, I'll go through some basic concepts of PHP language

I will talk about the meaning of “Web Development” to me and how you can improve and enhance your web developing skills.

In this post, I try to explore this thought by citing various examples that we humans do to simulate different senses.

These notes are taken from official [android developer documentation](

I am very much influenced by Japanese Animation shows and movies, this post is me explaining how Anime has been a huge contributor to what my personality and interests are today. NOTE: This post is not related to Programming.

Learn how to control the flow of program execution (if…else, loops, etc.), functions, Object-Oriented Programming, different usage and future of the language in the programming world.

This post will give you an overview of python language, how to set it up and run python scripts on your machine.

In this post, I talk about Big O notation and how it is helpful in determining the efficiency of an algorithm.

We have a task, make something accurate and reliable out of something that is fundamentally chaotic.

A detailed post describing how to add tagging functionality to your django app

This short post is about Rori Vaden's book: Procrastinate of Purpose, which talks about the ways you can take advantage of your procrastination problem.

There are two ways to write any code, the one that works and then there is the right way.

Learn to use Selenium to scrape data from Javascript rendered sites.

Even a 100ms latency in a website can impact customer engagement and online revenue

Decision Trees is a way of representing the relationship between different entities.

A post listing all the important Flask extensions to use in production.

A post listing the extensions that I use with VS Code.

A detailed post describing how to implement search in Django.